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Sell or Trade Your Vehicle

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Open on Tuesday at 9 AM

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The team here at Lundgren Honda of Auburn wants to buy your used car, truck, or SUV in Auburn! Send us a message to speak with a valuation specialist.

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Get a True Trade-In Value for your vehicle online, quickly in Auburn, at Lundgren Honda of Auburn. 

At Lundgren Honda of Auburn, we understand the gravity of buying a new car or selling your current one, emphasizing the importance of informed decisions through thorough research. Our platform offers a hassle-free appraisal service for your current vehicle, providing insights into its trade-in or selling value. Utilizing our user-friendly tool ensures an accurate assessment based on Kelley Blue Book values and contemporary market trends. Additionally, our team offers complimentary on-site appraisals, where we assess your vehicle firsthand and present you with a fair offer, whether you choose to sell or trade it in.

Selling Your Car to Lundgren Honda of Auburn



Opting to sell your used vehicle to our car dealership in Auburn, MA, stands as a highly favored choice among customers. We streamline the process, making it notably quicker and simpler compared to selling directly to another private party. Moreover, the entire transaction is conducted securely and effortlessly within the comfort of our offices. Explore our online tool above, reach out to us online to schedule an appointment, or visit us in person to engage with a member of our team for a complimentary on-site appraisal.

Trading your Car In



Opting to trade in your current vehicle presents an excellent opportunity to offset a substantial portion of your payment on your upcoming vehicle purchase. If you're currently in search of a new vehicle, explore our array of new cars available for sale right here in Auburn, MA. Alternatively, if you're considering a pre-owned vehicle this year, our dealership boasts an exceptional selection to cater to your needs. While you browse our inventory, we'll conduct an appraisal of your vehicle and have an offer prepared should you decide to trade it in. Kickstart the process today by completing the form on our 'contact us' page.

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